Sex is dying out: people don’t want more reach

Cекс вымирает: люди больше не хотят близости

Modern couples have sex less often than 30 years ago.

Only American experts convinced us that men think about sex almost every minute, as the minds of scientists from Hamburg has denied them. Like, intimacy is dying! Yes, according to the authors of the study, even 100 years, and our great-grandchildren will see the sex scenes is that in old movies…

To such conclusion scientists have come for a reason, they spent the whole sexual exploration. Suddenly it became clear that in the mid-eighties of the XX century the average number of sexual contacts of people at that time was equal to 18-22. More recent statistics covering the early-mid naughties, in turn, tells about 4-10 times per month.

But modern couples are satisfied only on average 1-8 making love in a month, which as you can see, much less common than 30 years ago.

Surprisingly, it turned out, now sex is inferior to various computer games, various years and series… But yeah, what we wonder, if only the premiere episode of “Game of thrones” was seen by several million people. And that’s just in the first hour… Where is there time for a loved one to find!

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