Звезда сериала «Шерлок» расстался с супругой

A series of star divorces continues. Recently it became known that the ranks of the bachelors joined the actor of the series “Sherlock” Martin Freeman.

Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington was considered one of the most beloved couples of actors among the inhabitants of Britain. Still, they were together not only in life but also on screen. In the popular TV series “Sherlock,” Martin plays John Watson, Amanda – his wife Mary. But the other day it became known that Freeman and Abbington broke up…

“I’m not Amanda, – said the actor in an interview with the Financial Times. — The decision was absolutely mutual”.

Freeman said that will always love and respect Amanda and they were very good friends. On the causes of divorce are not reported.

Recall that Martin and Amanda have been together for 15 years. They met in 2000 in the film “men Only”. 11 years ago they had a son Joe, seven years ago – daughter grace. At the end of last year, the actor, who does not like the invasion of the press in his personal life, said in an interview that he and Amanda had been worth it to get married and maybe they’re already married. From what journalists have concluded that this event happened. Maybe because the actors wanted to seal a fractured relationship?

However, fans of the actor pair hope that things are different and the hype around divorce Freeman – all just a PR stunt, designed to draw attention to the premiere of the new season of “Sherlock”.