Fans did not recognize Megan Fox in a selfie without makeup from the bathroom 37-year-old actress Megan Fox at the majority posing with bright makeup. But seeing a star without makeup is rather rare.

Fans did not recognize Megan Fox at selfie without makeup from the bathroom But so that followers would not get bored, Megan decided to publish this kind of content as well, adding a selfie from the bathroom. In the photo, Fox is posing in a black bra and pajama pants. Yes, there are filters in the picture, but it is clear that Megan washed off her makeup and retouched the frame, only making her skin smoother.

It is also clearly noticeable that Megan focused on her body – her beautiful tummy and waist, emphasizing your hourglass figure type. But most of the comments say that the actress in this form does not look like herself at all; many, according to subscribers, Megan would not even recognize on the street. Although, of course, they are lying, the star now has such a hair color and hairstyle that it is difficult to confuse her with someone else.

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