Дана Борисова учит правильно выпрашивать у мужчин подарки

TV presenter shared with fans of women’s accumulated experience.

On the eve of the New year, Dana decided to fulfill the request of his podeschi and to reveal to them the secret of how to get a gift exactly what you want.

“Girls are my favorite! I am always attentive to your requests and now this time answer the most frequently asked question. Watch, laugh and remember, every joke is only a joke”, wrote Borisov. Then the star has posted a video which told how to engage in dialogue with men about the gifts.

“Men don’t need to imply they need to be straight. “I like this bag, I would love to gift this bag!” Can substitute in place of bags of your things, whether “Jaguar” or the grinder,” said Dana.

Some of the girls immediately threw his hands up, saying, why ask, he gives, he is the man! But dozens of podeschi star supported.

“Most of the men in my life don’t give gifts until they by the collar of the handbag are not dragged. I agree. Men subtle hints from afar do not understand, they need to simplify everything,” said the fans.

“You are a true role model for young girls! And tips for guys you have?” – interested in casual visitors.

This video was seen by more than 20 thousand people. It seems that the theme of women left without surprises under the Christmas tree, it is highly relevant. What are you, men?

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Video posted by Dana Borisova (@danaborisova_official) Dec 18 2016 at 11:59 PST