Паулина впервые нежно заговорила о Бондарчуке

Svetlana Bondarchuk also did not remain indifferent and expressed ex-husband.

28-year-old rising star of the national cinema less than a year ago has become one of the most talked about artists in the country. Paulina Andreeva in the status of the bride of the all-powerful Fedor Bondarchuk is now interesting to millions. The intrigue of the relationship of a young actress and expert Director has been preserved by the family for several months, although the murder in the Russian show-business will not hide. Rumors that Bondarchuk is divorcing his wife after 25 years of marriage, became a reality in March 2016. Svetlana Bondarchuk stated that he and Fedor are no longer husband and wife. Summer Bondarchuk for the first time came out with new girlfriend Paulina. Six months later Andreev for the first time spoke about her famous boyfriend in public.

Паулина впервые нежно заговорила о БондарчукеPhoto: Olga Pleteneva

The star Method is started from afar: “Fedor breaks the stereotyped view of themselves as some kind of inaccessible filmmaker who lives on another planet, sending out us earthlings, their blockbusters, says Paulina. And he is real educated, sympathetic, honest man.”

The feelings of the artist, 49-year-old Bondarchuk as a creative unit – a teenager. “The enthusiasm and connection to the life he is sixteen,” she said.

According to Andreeva, Bondarchuk loves all, for example, in the evenings on a donated drum set, listening to a lecture by Dmitry Bykov manages to follow the modern series, can’t live without exercise and of course: “Sport, skis, bikes, friends, filming a movie, shooting your own movies, producing, business enough for all. He just hides somewhere personal power,” jokes the actress.

Could not the bride of the Director not to be reminded of what a dynasty it will have to gain. “Fedor grew up in a great family. He is a worthy continuation of the family. The sense of responsibility he has not acquired, but innate. To be responsible for others – his natural state, – Mrs. Andreeva in an interview with GQ.

The artist believes that her partner knows how to have fun and to infect the others, but nothing human is alien to him: “Fedor is not in Russian liberated and free man. Whether or not he sad? More often than many. He’s a man thinking, a keen sense, with the world inside, and these qualities go hand in hand with sorrow.”

The editors of GQ also asked about Fedor and his other relatives, including the former wife of the Director Svetlana Bondarchuk. 48-year-old model and TV presenter inadvertently emphasized how well she knows her ex-husband and father of two children, which now calls a friend: “What would be in our lives no matter what happens, we with Feodor have been and remain friends. The price of our friendship we both learned in his youth – around us is always a lot of faithful friends, – says the editor of the periodical. — No money, no special features, and a lot which are not, but friends, true, loyal, always has been.”

Photo: Sergey Milan

Svetlana described them with Fedor youth, life in a Studio apartment on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street, guests-celebrities, a visit from them. Also, the ex-wife of Director details told about how he is welcoming and spares nothing for friends.

Openly talked about how Bondarchuk loves the society around them, their job and how to apply to the rest: “Fedor doesn’t like to be alone, he can’t. He likes in life to be a Director, every day to make a rich, interesting. And people around were the same bright. Fedor is a workaholic to relax he doesn’t like. A week off is the maximum that it can withstand. On vacation he, too, needs action, so he loves the hunt, which usually goes with Ruslan Baysarov. If in the mountains, then be sure to snowboards, there are a lot of floats. He is a very athletic person and all around makes sports,” shares with the readers of GQ Svetlana. – And Fedor is a man of emotion, of impulse, of the spontaneous actions, for free, he just loves to surprise and delight those dear to him. It is very touching and very manly.”

We will remind, Fedor Bondarchuk met his future wife when she was only 17 years old. They married five years after meeting. 25 years ago, there appeared their first-born Sergey, 8 years later daughter Barbara In mid-March 2016 Bondarchuk announced the divorce. In June 2016 Fedor presented to the public his fiancée Paulina Andreev.