Принц Гарри назвал причину, по которой не женится

In a candid interview with eligible bachelor has confessed that his psyche was greatly affected by mom’s death. And he is afraid of responsibility.

Prince Harry never liked to be Frank with journalists. And friends in the soul is not allowed. For the first time the resident of Buckingham Palace made an exception for the documentary film “Prince Harry in Africa”, a story about one of the charities.

According to Prince, he grew up, but remained a big kid, and therefore was not able to take responsibility for a wife or someone else’s life.

Photo: Getty Images

“I wanted to do something to make mom proud. I tried to do something with my life, but went the wrong way. My mother died when I was just a child. Not accepting what happened, I’m permanently stuck in that moment and could not grow up. And only now finally see the difference between him an adult and a child” – for the first time admitted the Prince.

In addition, according to titled personages, he could not accept the tragedy and tried to escape not a trifling thing.

“I have not been able to comprehend it, many years suppressing my emotions and not wanting to take the mountain. But now I look at life quite differently than before and start to understand that I was just hiding my head in the sand”, he continued.

It seems, however to 32 years younger brother William took over the mind. Now Harry is with great pleasure involved in charitable projects and was going to settle down. The Roman Prince with the actress Meghan Markle was confirmed by the representative of the Royal family.