Galina Rzhaksinsky of “the Bachelor-3” is getting married

Галина Ржаксенская из «Холостяка-3» выходит замуж

Chosen participants of popular television shows was a young man named Eugene, not related to the Russian show-business.

Joyful event the star of the reality show shared on the page of your microblog: she posted a photo of engagement rings and luxurious bouquet of flowers and put the hashtag #nenarokov.

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However, subscribers microblog Galina noticed that the ring she is wearing is not on the right hand, as is customary with the engagement, and on the left, and immediately bombarded her with questions: is the wedding going to be? The media personality was quick to reassure fans: “Just right less I have, flies. Everything will be on the right”.

Offer hands and hearts Rzhaksinsky took on vacation. As it happened, while a secret. But it had previously posted a picture with Eugene from the aircraft and commentary that they go with a favorite abroad.

Galina Rzhaksinsky, recall the first time talked about the relationship with Eugene at the end of last year. “I have a young man Eugene. I’m not the snow Queen and also can fall in love” she said “StarHit”. And also shared the story of meeting with a boyfriend: “one calls me a stranger, and said: “Galina, Hello! My name is Eugene…” I liked the way he turned the conversation, and there was time, so we met it beautifully looked after, and now we are together”.

Meanwhile, the hero of “the Bachelor” artist Timur Batrutdinov personal life is not formed. In the qualifying round of the show, he chose as his wife the student from Kazan Daria Kananoja, but after filming, they parted as friends.

Recently Timur admitted that on the eve of the 38-th anniversary, he suffered a midlife crisis.

“Compounding the situation is the fact that all around me friends are married,” he confessed in an interview to one of editions. And I always say that time is running out, we are not getting any younger and so on… Not to say that I’m single, but live alone. The heart wants what it wants. After participating in “the Bachelor,” understood, what should be my fiancee. It can fully meet the criteria that I impose, but will still be not my man. Important energy, soul link. Read more HERE.

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