Sailors admitted that he is friends with his ex-wife

Матросов признался, что дружит с бывшей женой

Despite the fact that the actor has a new family, it supports communication with ex-wife Maria Kulikova…

Denis Matrosov and Maria Kulikova divorced a little over a year ago, January 26 2015. But for this short period in the life of Denis has experienced many changes: he found a new love, he is going to marry and what’s more, even managed to become a father again. May 1 Olga Golovina gave the popular actor beautiful boy (read more here).

But, despite the fact that in life Matrosova began a brand new Chapter of life, he does not cut off the ends and with the past.

In an interview with reporters, the actor admitted that his divorce was scared that he might lose the opportunity to see the child every day (Denis and Mary have a child together – five-year-old Ivan).

“So many terrible examples in other families, where the mother after a divorce in 90% of cases do not give the child the opportunity to live in two houses. Women always protect their cell companies. And even though the law both parents have equal rights, in real life, in our country this is not happening. That’s what scared me the most in a divorce, I thought that I would pick him up, ” said Dennis in an interview with Woman’s Day. — So I bow to Mary, we equivalent are involved in his upbringing. The Vani there are two houses, he says, large and small. Depending on our schedules son lives with mom, then with dad. Of course, a great importance is the fact that our homes are close by, 600 metres. Thank God that everything turned out well”.

The new choice of the actor Olga already managed to make friends with his son and Matrosov Kulikova.

“Their acquaintance took place in July, when we went with the children on the festival of colours, – said Denis. — It was fantastic fun! We are so tired, naprygalis and Naturalis that after the holiday Vanka fell asleep in the car.”

By the way, Olga is also behind a failed marriage and is an adult child – 14-year-old daughter Sasha, with whom Denis has also managed to establish excellent relations.

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