Ekaterina Klimova for the first time showed a family photo with her husband

Екатерина Климова впервые показала семейное фото с мужем

For several hours the social network has collected more than 13 thousand likes. However, this is not surprising. Earlier, the actress posted on the microblogging only working photos.

Combines the scenes with her husband, Gela Meskhi Ekaterina Klimova shared on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. In the photo they are sitting in a cafe and look quite at home…

“Happy birthday, my beloved husband. Thank you for everything. Love. Be happy,” wrote Klimov in the comments of the post.

Netizens joined in the congratulations of the actress and said that Gela and Catherine look great together.

Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi, recall, secretly got married in the early summer of 2015. And in October of the same year, the couple had baby girl Bella.

For a Gella baby was the first baby, and for Catherine fourth. From the marriage with a jeweler Ilya Horoshilovym actress raises 14-year-old daughter Elizabeth, and from Union with actor Igor Petrenko, two sons, ten-year-old Matthew and seven-year Korney.

By the way, recently Ekaterina Klimova has surprised fans and journalists flawless figure during a holiday in Israel. Perfectly flat stomach with six-pack lurks, wasp waist… Looking at pictures of celebrities, it’s hard to believe that she is mother of many children!

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