Top 18 most hot beauties of “Eurovision-2016”

Топ-18 самых горячих красавцев «Евровидения-2016»

The audience has long ceased to accept “the Eurovision” as a vocal competition. Horrible “Lordi”, the bearded singer Conchita Wurst… But it seems that the fashion for the freaks this year came to naught. Looking at the participants, and the eye is pleased! And Drools…

Freddie (Hungary)

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Real name: Alfred Fehérvári gábor

Age: 26 years

Bankruptcy song: “Pioneer”

Hungarian singer Freddy (Freddie) came into the music business from… sports! Gabor was a professional basketball player but due to a serious injury was forced to leave the sport.

After much deliberation on what to do, Freddie remembered that actually, since childhood, studied music and even wrote poetry in Hungarian and English. In 2010, he took part in the local version of the show “Rising Star”, where he took fourth place, and in 2014 wrote a song for his fellow countryman, who went with her to Eurovision. A year later, Freddie decided himself to try their hand in the competition, well, then you already know.

By the way…

Freddie – the bachelor!

Amir (France)

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Real name: Amir Haddad

Age: 32 years

Bankruptcy song: “J’ai cherché”

Amir was born in France, but in 8 years, emigrated in the framework of repatriation to Israel. Haddad began singing in childhood. Its first concerts took place in the synagogue and at various public events.

In 2014 took part in the third season of the French show “the Voice”, which in the end took third place. After the heady success began touring with the other finalists of the TV competition in France. The decision to send him to Eurovision was made by the leadership of the TV channel France 2.

By the way…

Alas, he is married! In 2014 got married with his longtime girlfriend named Lita in Israel.

Daue Bob (Netherlands)

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Real name: Daue Bob

Age: 24 years

Bankruptcy song: “Slow Down”

Daue began studying music at age 6. At 14 he first picked up a guitar and since then did not part with it. In 2014, Bob won the Dutch talent show “De beste singer-songwriter van Nederland”, and a year later he received an offer to represent Sweden at the contest.

Free time Daue prefers to spend active and happy to post to your microblog in Instagram detailed reports. Some photos are shocking at times even subscribers. Well you can see for yourself!

By the way…

But about how freely is the heart of the musician is unknown. But then again, judging by Instagram, free and waiting to meet his love.

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