Kathleen Jenner wants to be a man

Кейтлин Дженнер снова хочет стать мужчиной

It seems, in the family Kardashian-Jenner is planning another scandal…

The star of the reality show and the most famous transgender Hollywood began to doubt that he needs to make the final sex-change operation.

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A few days ago, Kathleen Jenner shone at social events in mini-dress and stiletto heels, and today it became known that she again wants to become Bruce. They say that transgender began to doubt, to complete your transformation into a woman.

Statement of Kathleen, by the way, is seriously concerned about fashion and beauty brands with which it has contracted. Look for a new face for the advertising campaign, it is necessary to tell, uneasy.

It will be decided whether Caitlin at operation, time will tell. As long as her was well.

The news that the head of the family the Jenner-Kardashian, athlete Bruce Jenner in 2013 decided to become a woman, stunned not only his family but the entire world. Who would have thought that a prominent man feels uncomfortable in your body?

“The family Bruce admits that he’s always had feminine tendencies. But no one can understand how the man who was married three times and has six children, lived in a lie all these years,” commented then the scandal by an anonymous source to the tabloid National Enquirer.

But nothing can be done. Bruce called herself Caitlin, grew Breasts, changed her wardrobe and three years later became the most influential person in the fashion world.

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