Победили всё: Андрей Гайдулян вернулся к невесте

The actor and his girlfriend Diana ochilova realized that can’t live apart.

Say what you will, but the best man and woman unite life’s challenges. If they managed to overcome together, hand in hand, then it is likely a long and strong relationship in the future.

In 2015, Andrew Giulana was diagnosed with cancer. A long treatment in Germany, the course of recovery. And all this time close to the actor was his bride – Diana ochilova. When the worst is behind us, the pair decided to leave. But has not passed also four months as the young people realized that you can’t be without each other.

The decision to resume relations, he said ochilova on his page in the social network.

“He knows how to please me, do not forget the surprises. Andrew best, because only such a man can meet his old age. He carefully treated me, and I will suffice for many years. It’s nice to remember where we started and how cool the spent always time! Anything can happen, as indeed, all people. And no matter what, we are together”.

Fans began to congratulate the guys on the reunion.

“Happiness to You”, “Congratulations! You are very beautiful, sincere couple! Good health!”

Some have suggested that it is not far off the wedding, which was postponed due to illness Giulana and then altogether cancelled.

By the way, about the reasons for the breakup is not known. When in July last year, the actor was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma (malignant tumor of lymphoid tissue – approx.ed.) Ochilova supported and loved all his time and effort devoted to care for them. Diana even went to the clinic with Andrew to every minute to be there. However, after successful treatment and course of recovery, Hagolan decided to move from their shared apartment in rental housing. According to friends of the couple, this was preceded by an emotional argument. Parting with Andrey Diana was going through a very hard.

“Opened my eyes and the first thing I thought: “What’s next?! Where to begin,” she wrote then in the social network. The uncertainty is scary. Scared to go out of the comfort zone and stability. You need to learn how to solve problems and to be ready for anything. Become stronger and not afraid to descend into the real world. But something tells me that all will be well. Need a plan and adhere to it? Or just to live and get everything prepared for your fate? I feel like a child who needs to learn how to walk. Self – reliance is not about me, but life itself gives foam to Wake up and start to live a new life. There was no limit of my happiness to be with you. All we’ve been through. This is the best thing that ever happened to me. But something broke we won. And all that remains to us is to let go to infinity. I wish happiness to everyone. Fate is a bitch and don’t replay it. Hurt. But it’s for the best. Beautiful end! Anyway, we are the winners with you!”.

As it turned out, the discord in the relationship with the beloved has become a challenge for the actor. And now they are together again and don’t want to leave even for a minute. Ochilova spends a lot of time in the new season of “I”, which starred Andrew.

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