Летучая определилась со свадьбой и медовым месяцем

Leading “Revizorro” celebrate the most romantic day in the family circle.

Famous blonde goes to the brides in February. The groom, the lawyer Yuri Anashenkov, proposed to her on Valentine’s Day.

But the wedding couple didn’t hurry. The work left no time for celebration, the weather surprises. And finally the stars came together. And Lena admitted that they had set a wedding date and planned the honeymoon.

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“Of course, my wedding will be without compensation and pies. For me, my future husband and our parents. We want to keep it, so let’s make a purely family event, closed, without cameras and journalists,” admitted telediva in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

But if you really thought that Elena and Yuri will come to the registry office in jeans and secretly sign, it is also not true. Wedding dress Lena will. But how!

“Dress by American designer Vera Wang. I once showed it to a friend, I fell in love at first sight. We immediately started to figure out how to get this beauty. I understand that it is virtually impossible to do. But by chance it happened that in three days the dress was brought to Moscow in one size, it just came to me. It was an incredible story. And I think that miracles happen when the skies are favorable”, – confessed the star.

Honeymoon is also laid out in detail. And though to share all the details the bride and groom did not, they hinted that it will be on one of the Islands in the Indian ocean.

“Since are surf, fly up to the Indian ocean where there are waves, and Islands, it’s so romantic,” continued Volatile.

We will remind, Lena and Yuri have been together for two years. And “blonde with nerves of steel” repeatedly admitted that finally met the man of her life. By the way, it is because of him she left the popular show because he wanted to spend more time at home.

For Lena, the marriage will be the first Yuri behind two serious relationships and two children.

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