Жизнь как песня: Седоковой подарили «миллион алых роз»

The singer received a gorgeous gift from a fan.

It’s only been a few months since Anna Sedokova broke up with dancer Sergei Guman. In early summer it ceased to spread in the Network sharing photos, and soon admitted that the love boat has crashed against the permanent separation because of the tight tour schedule. But as they say, a Holy place is never empty. Have Sedokova has a new follower.

Name Beau Anna to disclose does not wish not to frighten happiness, but willingly demonstrates his gifts. So, recently the singer received a bouquet of incredible size. Hundreds of roses, each the size of a small birch tree.

“I think I decreased slightly and, like Alice, fell into another world”, signed Sedokova picture show.

Fans of the singer could only envy such marks of attention, “Wow”, “what a beauty!”, “I’ve never seen anything”, “pretty precious!”, “Love you, it’s worth it”.

Recall that the singer was married twice. From her marriage with football player Valentin Belkevich she has a daughter, Alina, from the marriage with businessman Maxim Cherniavsky – daughter Monica.

Relationship with the dancer Sergei Guman lasted two years, but the wedding never happened.

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