Wife Channing Tatum starred in underwear

Жена Ченнинга Татума снялась в нижнем белье

Actress Jenna Duan-Tatum appeared before the subscribers of their Instagram not quite dressed.

35-year-old star of the film “Step forward” published on his page on the social network a picture in underwear. However, linen is not easy, but part of a rather unusual outfit, demonstrated a purpose. The fact that Jenna was a participant of the TV series “Tomorrow never comes” and, apparently, this is the outfit in which she appears on the screen, as the caption reads: “Know why I’m so dressed up, looking tomorrow the next series!”

Jenna in her underwear in Instagram is extremely rare, usually the more modest publishes actress photos, most of which is dedicated to them with Channing’s 3-year loceri Everly.