Dayneko found the husband candid photo of a friend

Дайнеко нашла у мужа откровенные фото подруги

The singer caused the wife to have a Frank conversation

This situation is lucidly described the soloist of group “Arrows” twenty years ago in the song “At the party”. However, sentimental song about the treacherous friend, the destructive relationships relevant to this day. Victoria Daineko recently caught his friend flirting with husband Dmitry Kleiman.

About the unpleasant discovery she wrote on his page in the social network. According to Victoria, she with the permission of the husband hacked into his phone and in the folder with the deleted photos found some pictures of a bust of her friend in a tight blouse. Legitimate question that the charms of other girls do it in the gadget, husband Daineko said that he was simply asked to assess new jacket. “Actually, I called her for our wedding. Reason… a budding drummer, but now my girlfriend. Sorry, to me their blouses do not brag,” he commented ironically Vic. Shortly after the publication of under the post, the singer appeared a lot of comments from subscribers with words of support. Most fans have advised Vick to drive a friend to the neck, and others do have doubts about the existence of female friendship in nature. Although there were those who stood up for the friend of the actress, stating that she could just be wrong addressee.

It seems that after the outburst in social networks Dayneko seriously talked to my husband Dmitry Kleiman and clarified the situation. After some time an angry post on her page was gone.

We will remind that Victoria and Dmitri got married in April 2015. In October of the same year, the singer gave the wife a daughter.