Три признания Павла Воли в любви жене, от которых щиплет глаза

Athlete and simply beauty Laysan 31 years! First birthday and congratulated my husband. Read, but be careful! “Mi-mi-lichnosti” rolls.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that brutal and sharp on the tongue, Paul Will be capable of such tenderness. But, it turns out, exactly how he left in Comedy is so careful and loving home.

Paul has already arranged a wife of gentle surprises. But his new greeting on the occasion of the birthday of the beloved just visibel tears!

“My dear Lesya. My little girl, today is your birthday. The numbers on the cake say that you became an adult, but you do not believe them. Yeah, you a Queen, a diva, a woman, a mother, but it was a girl, began her congratulations Will. — I see it every time you laugh, every time on your cheek a dimple appears. You’re strong, smart, brave. The best mom in the world, the most kind and caring, the best wife, companion, friend and accomplice. We and our children are the most perfect band in the world. Thank you for that. Thank you for much. For everything! Over all I’m ready to scream to the whole world. For all that just between us. Be always happy, smile, laugh happily, loudly and fervently. I love your laugh! This is the best music for me. Don’t worry about anything: you did it, you got it, you always will. You’re so pretty, diligent, with two bows on her head. Look at this picture, my dear. You’re I am today! Be always, never grow up. And I’ll make sure no one disturbed our sandbox. I love you very much! The rest – at the meeting. Happy birthday, girl!”

The utiasheva certainly greetings touched. How could it be otherwise? But unlike her husband she did not undress, and wrote enough shared words of gratitude…

“Thank you to my family, my @pavelvolyaofficial, all friends and colleagues! Everyone for such kind and sincere congratulations! You make me happy! I love you,” said the mother of two children.

Interestingly, Paul is not the first time admits his feelings publicly. And the last time he touched when Rosie gave him a daughter Sophia.

“The coolest thing happened to me this year (2015. — Approx. ed.), friends: Rosie daughter was born! To say that I haven’t changed, probably to tell a lie. In the past year talked about his son and about how it’s cool to be a father. Then I was the father, now daddy, daddy, – has shared the joy of a humorist. Only the second child I felt a responsibility. I already don’t make any crazy rash actions. Though I am skinny, but hot guy! To be honest, previously had no brakes. Fought with everyone: due to oblique views, bad words. So now I will not do. No fights, I have a lot of responsibility! Jealous daughter to the boys on the Playground.”

Or remember at least the first recognition of the Pasha is in love with the stage. Went to the show, suddenly the hall lights went out. Paul went backstage… And the audience was really nervous – not the end of it! But no, Paul started to broadcast from behind the scenes:

“Your ears can hear my voice and your eyes to see my words. And believe me, no matter where I am. My voice will still sound in your head. Sweetheart, someday we will be old. And in our house the bedroom will be a decrepit Will. And will bear some unrelated crap about old age, autumn, refregerator… Where is my order? And you? You will always be beautiful. Old, but beautiful. You sit in a chair in your favorite pahovom purple scarf. And why purple? Because I already bought you. Voronezh airport… I was drunk. Okay, one day we’ll both be older. And the font will become larger. Even more… Imagine we’re sitting in the living room. And we come to our son, and our grandchildren. Ratibor, Hidalgo, Valera. Who knows what names in the mind of our Robert. If we’re in my head was Robert. We live by the sea. Hear that sound? I recorded on tape the toilet. The sea was not around. But most importantly – I will love you always and everywhere. Today and tomorrow. Close and far away. The right and left. Low and high. Everywhere and always”.

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