Муж Бородиной учит сына знакомиться с девушками

After the break with a leading “House-2” the businessman has devoted time to raising my son.

Kurban Omarov has become incredibly popular thanks Borodina. The life of a businessman in social networks is closely monitored, almost half a million subscribers. And, of course, they are not utilse and the fact that the pictures of Susie from his account abruptly disappeared. And all the free time he was spending with his son from his first marriage.

Moreover, Eid believes that the son has grown up to meet girls.

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“A sense of respect and love for the fairer sex must be laid in childhood”, signed Kurban movie, where a son, a student meets a beautiful blonde in a mini. At the same lobster as a joke prazivet his wingman.

But the youngest, Thea, lobster can see is that on the weekends. The rest of the time the girl spends with Xenia.

By the way, Borodin, too, seems happy and contented life… She has not once laid a large bouquet of roses, which gets. And today has intrigued fans, writing: “Hold me… let’s Say that we had a friendship…”

We can only guess in whose arms wants to be the star of telestroke now. It should be noted that Xenia and Kurban stopped wearing a wedding ring.

Video published Kurban Omarov (@zimamoscow) Jun 25 2016 2:34 PDT

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