Алена Хмельницкая подружилась с новой женой Кеосаяна

On the day of birth of the youngest daughter Susie Tigran Keosayan came with Margarita Simonyan at the invitation of the ex-wife.

At the celebration of Alena Khmelnitskaya like to talk with a new companion Tigran Keosayan, which surprised many fans of the stars. Apparently the ex-wife was able to stay on good terms after the divorce.

I must say that the behavior Alena admirable, not every woman is strong enough to take her home the ex-husband with a new passion. However, Khmelnytsky was shown in this situation a real women’s wisdom. The actress herself was invited Tigran and his companion on the day of the birth of their daughter, and then posted a photo with the Margarita in “Instagram” and signed it: “High-ratio”. Margaret, meanwhile, also could not resist from commenting.

“Spent the evening with Alyona Khmelnitsky. That’s how it is. She’s very cool, very!” – shared his impressions of the meeting Margaret in the social network.

Khmelnitsky repeatedly said that after breaking up with Tigran keosayanom they continue to support each other and communicate as they grow two beautiful daughters that need the attention of both parents.

Divorce Alena and Tigran became known in 2014. About sensational break said the journalist Bozena of Rynska in my social networks. “Today I saw Margarita Simonyan, together with the father of her child Tigran Keosayan (taken Alena Khmelnytsky) in Jurmala”. After a wave surprised the journalist continued: “I thought it was all a long time all know… the TV Series “Sea. Mountains. Keramzit removed Keosayan on the novel just Simonyan”.

After that, Simonyan wrote on his blog that is pregnant again: “My daughter is not yet a year old. My son kick in my stomach. I can’t look at pictures of dead children. Stop the war”. A year ago the girl gave birth to a daughter Mariana, who, according to rumors, is also a child of Tigran.

Fans of the Director immediately began to remember that since 2011 they have not seen a strong couple together and Khmelnytskyi Keosayan and Margarita Simonyan he often goes out. While none of the love triangle did not comment.

Recall Keosayan and Khmelnytsky were married in 1993, in marriage they had two daughters – Aleksandra and Xenia.

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