The wedding to be! J. Lo will get married in late summer

Свадьбе быть! Джей Ло выйдет замуж в конце лета

The singer has already started preparing for the wedding with dancer Casper SmarTeam.

Lopez fans rejoice! Their idol finally postponed the tour and meetings to deal with personal life.

It is known that the ceremony will be held in the second half of August in the mansion of Jennifer Lopez in the heart of new York city. The singer doesn’t want to do wedding show and intends to invite no more than a hundred people. Will any of them journalists, has been kept secret.

In any case, a reporter from each of the American edition hopes to attend the long awaited wedding of stars and… the first to talk about this event all over the world.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, recall, have been Dating for over five years. However, during this time, they managed several times to break up and then get back together. Moreover, in June 2014, the singer said that he and Kasper will never be together, but in April of next year start to go again with him into the light.

Lopez Smarta over 17 years. But it does not bother. “What’s the difference how old he is? He’s a wonderful and, most importantly, my children love him very much”, – she often says in his interviews.

But still have the beloved singer one flaw: he is too indecisive… how else can one explain his long journey to a proposal of marriage? And Jennifer, meanwhile, was not discouraged and hinted that they are ready to go under the crown, through its numerous interviews. “I still dream about the wedding and the prospect to live a long and happy life side by side with a loved one” she confessed recently. Read more HERE.

Hope that now nothing will shatter the dream of the singer, and after some time we will see her in a wedding dress and veil.

By the way, for Lopez marriage to Casper Smart will be the third. In 1997, she first married the waiter ohani of Noah, but a year later filed for divorce. And from 2004 to 2011, Jennifer was married to singer Marc Anthony. In 2008 they had twins – son Max and daughter Emma.

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