Dana Borisova called the true causes of divorce with her husband

Дана Борисова назвала истинные причины развода с мужем

In an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day popular TV presenter confessed that the pair did not survive the test of fame.

The last few years star blonde and then delighted fans with news of their lives. Miraculous transformation in appearance, participation in popular TV shows and finally, a wedding! (read more here)

Affair with businessman Andrey Trotsenko was like a fairy tale. Housemates for a long time only flirtatious glances at each other, until I realized that the experience of each other’s deepest sympathy.

22 Jun 2015 sweethearts formalized their relationship in one of capital registry offices, but in less than a year, as Borisov publicly announced the breakup.

“Yesterday (April 27), I went in Ramensky district court and unilaterally filed for divorce, said in an interview with a leading journalist with Woman’s Day. — I would have liked, so we both just came in Kutuzovsky registry office and we divorced by agreement of the parties, but Andrew couldn’t do, and I couldn’t pull further”.

TV presenter admitted that the decision to divorce was mutual, although difficult.

“Of course, some fraction of regret that it ended there. It is a pity, for example, a beautiful wedding, which we had… But our relationship has become obsolete. The decision to leave in the first place took Andrey. To live with a famous girlfriend was not as easy as he thought, – said the presenter. — And with the New year I’ve gotten in a lot of different problems, passed away, my close friend Tim Brick, with whom I worked for many years. I had some depression, did not want to communicate with anyone, force anything it was not. Apparently, Andrew could not resist to this of my condition. In February my daughter and Pauline flew to the Maldives on vacation, on the return of Andrew was supposed to meet us at the airport, but messed up the flight, and in the end just left us flowers home, and then said that living with me will be no more. Since then we saw each other two or three times. Then it became clear, that’s all. I my feelings for him completely freed, thank God, and that my depression is gone.

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Dana also noticed that the fans gave her great support in a difficult life situation.

“As for divorce the daughter reacted? To be honest, positive! Still Pauline Andrew’s father did not think, she has her own home dad (businessman Maxim Aksenov. – Approx. ed.), he is actively involved in her life. I’m not in despair, but in marriage do not want”, – she concluded.

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