Dana Borisova… celebrating a divorce?!

Дана Борисова... празднует развод?!

TV presenter, two days ago, filed papers for divorce, do not despair. Moreover, it takes not only the congratulations of fans on the status “free”, but and bouquets from new fans.

More recently, we were happy for Dan: TV presenter left behind a black band of life, met the man of dreams, prettier for him. And how beautiful was the wedding, which they played last summer! And here’s the news: the fairy tale ended.

— Congratulate me with the end of the first and only of my life of marriage, – wrote Dana in Instagram.

Fans star blonde eagerly responded to her call and filled up with comments such as: “All the good ends, to begin again. The end of the old love is the new beginning”. And, by the way, the presenter has already explained that the lack of attention from the opposite sex she does not test and gets a huge number of flowers and declarations of love.

Recall that Dana and businessman Andrey Trotsenko were housemates. Acquaintance some time later turned into a novel, and 22, 2015 the couple got married. Interestingly, even with the father of her daughter, 8-year-old TV presenter Polina has not reached the Registrar’s office. Everybody thought, Oh, there it is exactly it is serious… But as they say, do not get along.

— Of course, some fraction of regret that it ended this way, ” said Dana in an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day. — Sorry, for example, a beautiful wedding, which we had… But our relationship has become obsolete. The decision to leave in the first place took Andrey. To live with a famous girlfriend was not as easy as he thought. And with the New year I’ve gotten in a lot of different problems, passed away, my close friend Tim Brick, with whom I worked for many years. I had some depression, did not want to communicate with anyone, force anything it was not. Apparently, Andrew could not resist to this of my condition. In February my daughter and Pauline flew to the Maldives on vacation, upon returning Andrew was supposed to meet us at the airport, but on the wrong flight and in the end just left us flowers home, and then said that living with me will be no more. Since then we saw each other two or three times. Then it became clear, that’s all. I my feelings for him completely freed, thank God, and that my depression is gone.

In this case, it really can only be glad for Dana and wish her new love. However, according to the presenter, married a fourth time she is not in a hurry.

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