Модель попрощалась с бывшим с помощью обнаженных ягодиц

Sounds strange, but 43-year-old brandi Glanville really did.

Brandi said goodbye to ex-boyfriend by posting on Twitter a photo of a private of the fifth point, dressed in a g-string, accompanied by the gruff caption: “Dear moron, that you don’t belong to you, goodbye.

The name of the former, and if he’s biting elbows with anger, remained unknown. By the way, to bite there’s what in my 43 years brandi, mother of two, is known as looks great. But after reading the previous post of the model on Twitter we can assume that her ex-boyfriend was married: “It’s a slightly drunken decision, but I decided that I was quite a late call and I don’t want to pretend I’m not your girl. Because I really no longer yours.”

From 2001 to 2010, brandi, is also known for its participation in the show Real Housewives of Beverly hills” was married to actor Eddie Cibrian (who plays Cole Deshanel in the series “Love and mystery sunset beach”), bears him two sons.

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