Доказано: россияне учатся целоваться на помидорах

6 Jul romance around the world celebrate the Day kiss.

In this case “Yandex” has decided to find out what interests Internet users about kissing the most.

As it turned out, to the world wide web in this seemingly purely personal matter, people turn more often than you might think. In an average month, Russian Internet users set about 1.2 million requests which mention the kissing. One of the most common questions – “how to kiss” – ask about 75 thousand times.

Among the questions are unusual and even strange. For example, people seriously interested in “how to learn kissing tomatoes”, “what is the dream that next to me kissing”, “how to tell boss that I want to kiss you”, “can I lose weight from kissing”, “how to know when husband is sparingly kisses you”, “how to most gently kiss your neck,” “do you like, when you kiss hip,” “how to kiss for the first time in the water”, “how to Express love to the girl, but no kisses”, “how to call a dwarf a kiss”, “kiss like a snail.”

In addition, “Yandex” has studied the queries with the word “kiss” in the title of the movies. One of the top ten looks like this:

1. “50 first dates”.

2. “Kiss kiss Bang Bang”.

3. “Long kiss Goodnight”.

4. “Kiss mommy at night”.

5. “French kiss”.

6. “Butterfly kiss”.

7. “Kiss of the vampire”.

8. “Those who can’t kiss”.

9. “Kiss for luck”.

10. “Kiss me.”

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