Already seen: pregnant Sobchak at fashion week in Paris

Уже видно: беременная Собчак на неделе моды в Париже

Xenia struggles to postpone the moment when I have to admit – it really will become a mother soon. But time passes and the belly is growing.

So what’s the big deal, can see you. Well rounded belly, which is natural with increasing time, why so much attention? And it will be true. But Ksenia Sobchak is not an ordinary person, a very bright hero of our modern times. Her statements on the subject of children, has become a popular and now very interested to see how it will change her attitude. Secondly, it is simply beautiful and stylish woman. And now pregnant. And look at her one speed.

However, to understand the reluctance of Xenia to share happiness is possible: angry commentators even in her personal blog a huge amount. And who likes to read bad things about yourself? But the photo in Instagram she regularly shares, trying to cover belly free clothes, bags, friends. If not a photo archive to share, what would cause a battle on the topic: “so is she pregnant or not?”.

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Pictures from the ongoing Paris fashion week, Ksenia is also selected carefully. But it seems that soon to hide the pregnancy will be impossible. Here and now dear friend Ksenia have inadvertently shared in microblogs photos, which show that the pregnancy Sobchak no longer a small. In the pictures of Yana Rudkovskaya and Polina Kitsenko journalist and socialite is in profile, the belly is already there!

Recall that Sobchak and Vitorgan expect the child spoke confidently after the prize “sobakawa” where Ksenia was leading. Her close friend nick Belotserkovskaya publicly stated: “Sobchak is pregnant!”. After that she tried to “confuse the issue” by posting an old photo in a swimsuit, than has provoked talk that the belly of the invoice, and the whole story of the pregnancy, she needs as PR. But why such a strange PR Ksenia Sobchak, every photo in Instagram which is a separate infopovod? In addition, her colleagues could not stand and share the good news. There is a feeling that the pregnancy Susie happy all around even more than herself. The joke, of course. But even Natasha Chistyakova-Ionova has posted on his page a picture in which smothers Sobchak in the arms, the inscription: “That moment when you found out very good news. And what, not tell.” Well, well, and that we ourselves have not guessed!

That moment when I found out the good news. And what to say. xenia_sobchak #Dr

Photo published by Gluk’oza (Natalya Ionova) (@chistyakova_ionova) Jun 30 2016 at 3:32 PDT

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