Миллионер Тарабасов рассказал всю правду о Лохан

Yegor Tarasov admitted that Hollywood actress greatly disappointed him…

Recently became aware of a loud break Lindsay Lohan with a Russian millionaire Egor Tarasovym. The beloved movie star was convicted of treason, and blew a big scandal in the press. First, the actress accused the 23-year-old Yegor violence, and then said that during his next beating she lost the baby. To leave such unpunished Lohan was not going and hired a lawyer.

After such statements, Egor decided to tell the truth about my relationship with the infamous star. The millionaire admitted that for a long time was wrong about his girlfriend, while family and friends tried to reason with him. But the young man was in love and didn’t want to miss.

“Lindsay says that she dumped me that she had the courage to leave the humiliation behind,” says Tarasov Stachau. But I never blamed her, though she was considered the norm to steal from me, to ruin expensive things. She was only pretending to be wonderful to my family paid for her dissolute life. I was blind, ” continues Yegor. — Who will love me not because of the amount in the account or because of the name? I thought that her past issues were invented that it needlessly vilify, and it is good.”

We will remind, a month ago, Western media began to write about the fact that Yegor Lohan was cheating with another girl. Then came a new scandal, but with assault and battery. The couple had a fight in the apartment of the actress. Neighbors celebrity managed to record the fight on video. After Lindsay admitted that she was afraid to be alone with Egor.

“I realized that no relationship can continue despite the feelings. No woman should endure beatings and stay with a man who is not even willing to apologize,” – said Lohan.

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