Бегбедер ошибался. Ученые выяснили, сколько живет любовь

Belgian researchers refuted the theory of the French writer…

Love lives three years? Ha! Frederick Begbeder probably now nervously biting his elbows. And all because a new study by Belgian scientists. Probably studying another bestseller French writer, the experts decided to test described by the author theory in practice. And denied her. Of any three years out of the question. The love lives of five years. And that’s that!

However, it concerns only women. After a five-year period, the feelings of the fairer sex to your partner fade away. Since then, the relationship is cemented by the respect, affection, children… the list in General we all have our own and, perhaps, could be endless…

Yeah, triumphantly exclaim now some of the men. They say that we blame for infidelity, and ourselves.

Here, scientists suggest a strong half to make the breaths deeper. As if to say ponauchnee? Don’t blame them! Nature is a tricky thing, it can not argue. Besides, no one knows what happens there in the study of the length of a man’s feelings. What if their love will be even shorter “shelf life”?! So he laughs best who laughs last. Although it is better not to laugh, and to love each other. Not five years, but at least until retirement…

What do you think, how much love lives?

  • Agree with Belgian scientists. About five years
  • Nevertheless, Beigbeder is objective. Love lives three years…
  • Sorry to disappoint you, but six months or a maximum
  • To death!
  • Love does not exist
  • Other (write in comments)

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