Приревновав Херд, Депп отрезал себе кончик пальца

In the press new details emerge of family life “pirate” with a young lover.

About the disorder in a couple Depp and heard became known in early summer. Amber, who has been with johnny the last few years, filed for divorce, stating as a reason irreconcilable differences. However, it later turned out that the matter is much more serious. According to heard, Depp has repeatedly raised her hand.

The trial of the case was delayed, and while in the press up new details and fun family life of the couple. In particular, the actor was still jealous. Somehow he even a finger cut off, jealous young wife to actor Billy Bob Thornton, former husband of angelina Jolie.

It happened in 2015. Then shooting the sequel “pirates of the Caribbean” was suspended due to a finger injury, which Depp received in Australia. And about a month after that, the actor appeared in public with a black armband.

But it turned out, no injuries and there was no trace. After a quarrel with Hurd, the actor hurt himself, according to the portal TMZ.com.

That day a star was his beautiful wife in connection with the actor Billy Bob Thornton, with whom Hurd met on the set of the movie “London fields”. Amber denied it, but johnny, hard drunk, and listen to her did not want to. Furious Depp smashed the Windows of their mansion and ran into the wall a few bottles. One of the pieces johnny and cut himself, kontic fingers to the bone. And then, dipped it in the paint (paint was in the house, so amber enjoys painting), wrote on the mirror: “Available amber” and “Billy Bob”. And with the beginning of litigation lawyers Hurd shared the photos of Depp crazy with journalists.

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Now, however, it’s hard to believe. It seems, Depp and heard absolutely happy. “Pirate” was to spend more time with the same family. Moreover, Vanessa Paradis to testify for him in court.

But amber two months after the divorce, had an affair with billionaire Elon Musk.

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