Ученые: через 10 лет роботы заменят людей в сексе

British researchers claim that by 2026, the robots will be able to become a full-fledged sexual partners for men.

Sex with a robot is still hard to imagine… But British futurologist Ian Pearson argues that in 10 years it will be commonplace.

Basically, the news is not bad. Especially for those who are lonely, or those who do not want to enter into a long-term relationship with one partner. Ian Pearson is generally believed that almost all girls will fall into dependence on such robots. Supposedly, it will replace them viewing erotic films and help bring to life any fantasy.

Moreover, Pearson is confident that the more perfect will become the robots, the less people will need in a real relationship. But here we cannot agree. But what about emotional intimacy? And someone to talk to after work? And who will smile in response to your joke? Hug to calm? Who is going to give you a gift in the end? Oh, no, one sex, as they say, can not eat.

However, the futurist does not think so. According to him, by 2050, artificial intelligence, sex robots will be so perfect that people will love them. Let’s wait and see.

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