Федор Бондарчук познакомился с братьями Паулины Андреевой

The actress took the future wife to his small home.

Already for anybody not news that Fedor Bondarchuk has made an offer hands and hearts Paulina Andreeva. The pair no longer hide his feelings and appear together in public.

Yes, they would have got married back in the spring, if not evil tongues, who accused the 27-year-old Paulina that took her husband from the family. Too unexpected was the news about parting Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk who have lived together for more than 20 years. Fans of the couple refused to believe what was happening and flattered himself with the hope that the couple will reconcile. In General, in order not to aggravate the situation, Theodore and Paulina decided to postpone the wedding.

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And if there’s no hurry, the future spouses decided to hold the displayed time. The first thing to go home to the bride. In the village Toscova, located in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg, live younger brothers Pauline: 21-year-old Harry and 16-year-old Boris. With them the other day and introduced his future wife, actress.

“Nothing I will write here and everything is clear,” he issued a joint picture with Bondarchuk’s younger brother Andreeva.

It is seen that men quickly found a common language. Fedor friendly prinimaet Boris, and he smiles happily.

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