Счастливы вместе: семейство Джоли-Питт на прогулке

Rumors about the divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, fortunately, and have remained rumors. Recently the paparazzi caught the star couple with children coming out of the supermarket.

Judging by the photos, Angie and brad, accompanied by a 10-year-old Shiloh and 7-year-old Knox and Vivienne looked very happy. Before they saw the camera, they are cute talking, smiling and having a good time together. The younger of the twins kept the parents and the older girl took the responsibility to carry the basket. In General, all as in ordinary families…

Special attention should be given to angelina for the last several months was struck by journalists and fans with her gaunt thinness and appearance (read more HERE): on this day, she looked very good. And, most striking, a celebrity out in the world not in black and white dress. However, still covered his long gray cardigan.

By the way, recently it became known that the wife of brad pitt will appear before fans in a new role: will lead a special course for students of the London school of Economics. The lectures and seminars Angie will talk about the effects of war on women. In this, we have to admit, she’s well versed: as the goodwill Ambassador of the UN, the star visited the zone of military conflict and talked there with women and children.

Meanwhile, brad pitt is going all summer to work on the spy film “5 seconds of silence,” directed by Robert Zemeckis (the premiere is scheduled for November 23, 2016) and the second part of the zombie film “world War Z”.

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