Regina todorenko first showed your boyfriend

Регина Тодоренко впервые показала своего бойфренда

Presenter, “eagle and Tails” posted a photo with her lover.

Fans of Regina-travellers rejoice: their idol has finally unveiled her boyfriend Nikita!

Earlier, the media personality said that she has a favorite, even called his name, but to put their pictures on public display was in no hurry. Apparently, it was not the time…

But now there is no doubt that teledive in your personal life in order. Publication in a few hours received more than 83 thousand likes and almost as many comments. Basically netizens pointed out that Regina and Nikita are very suited to each other, and wished them happiness.

“Hooray, joint photo”, “So cute”, “take care of each other,” wrote leading members.

Regina and Nikita, note, meeting for about a year. However, during the world tour celebrity seen my fiance twice: in Goa after 3.5 months after her departure and then again after 4 months – in Port (there is, incidentally, the picture was taken, posted on microblogging).

“I admit, I was ready to wall to climb without a loved one. 40 days, we all realized that without affection and love to live hard,” shared Todorenko with reporters, and then told about how she managed to keep a long-distance relationship. Read HERE.

By the way, she is now in Bali, where he built himself an interesting experiment is to go 10 days without shoes.

“Today I start my bezolovni marathon. I have long wanted to do, feared that the streets are too dirty, sore some pick up or something… I think Bali island is so pure, so magical that I want to be closer to nature,” Regina shared her thoughts on the social network.

In her view, because the Shoe people have blocks and clamps, which are very prevent to live harmoniously and happily.

“As a child we spent all summer with his brother went barefoot at the cottage in the garden, then urban life changed the little girl, and she was wearing sneakers, shoes, cable etc. Sometimes all of these things so strangle us that not only inside, but outside there are blocks, clamps. To avoid such blocks it is necessary to reboot. Rest your soul and body,” said the star of the TV channel “Friday”.