This is a must see: the most popular fitness couple in the world

Это надо видеть: самая популярная фитнес-пара в мире

26-year-old Austin rice and his girlfriend Julianne Degr from Louisiana won the Internet with their videothreesome.

This pair will give odds to all athletes. Look at their video in Instagram in which aspen and Julianna simultaneously pressed, pulled or perform complex acrobatic elements. We think that circus performances are not as aesthetically pleasing…

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In an interview with the Daily Mail Austin admitted that he and Julianne make up the training and don’t hire professionals to create your video. Their popularity has come by itself, love it wasn’t expecting, just doing what they are good at it.

Now on the profile of Austin signed by 182 thousand users, and the page his girlfriend Julianne – 152 thousand. And, it seems, to stop young people not going: almost every day they delight fans with new videos and every time they workout better and better. See for yourself!

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