Difficulties of divorce: friends Jolie pitt supported

Трудности развода: знакомые Джоли поддержали Питта

All I ask angelina to come to their senses and try to keep the family together.

Angelina Jolie had no comment about the breakup with brad pitt, and decides all matters through the courts.

Brad pitt, on the contrary, tells journalists that he is not easy, and, according to his closest people, is in the doldrums.

Recently to publicly reconcile the Hollywood couple decided the former nanny actress Krisann Morel and the ex-girlfriend of actor singer Melissa Etheridge.

Criss Morel knows angelina from early childhood, she was engaged in education of the future star, when her father John white and the mother Marcelin Bertrand announced the breakup. According to the nurse, Jolie now goes completely wrong: instead of trying to improve relations in the family, it destroys it…

“I allowed myself to talk about this only because very worried about the fate of Angelina and her children. I want to refer to it: “Please don’t cut brad out of the lives of the children!”” – written by Chris Morel in an open letter. And then added: “you Cannot use children as a weapon in a quarrel with her husband, as it did many years ago her mother. As a result, yet lonely and bleak childhood, as once most of Angelina. Her mother was unable to forgive Voight, and it hurt her to look at his daughter, in many ways resembled her husband.”

Also the behavior seems wrong Jolie and former girlfriend of brad pitt Melissa Etheridge. In an interview with Sirius XM, she admitted that it hurt to look at what is happening in the family Jolie and pitt.

“My heart is broken. I see that Angelina totally unnecessarily destroys the relationship of brad with the kids. She is oblivious to their feelings,” said Melissa.

In addition, the singer hinted it was ready to support pitt and hopes that someday they will become good friends as before (before his marriage to Jolie).

Earlier, it became known that Angelina Jolie has made a temporary sole custody of their six children brad, and now she does not allow them to see.

After the announcement of the breakup with her husband the star has rented a house from ex-wife of Charlie sheen Denise Richards in the elite village Hidden Hills (it is said that the friendship Denis Angie did a good discount). The house is protected by bodyguards, so that pitt can’t go in there without permission.

By the way, the court in the case of divorce, Jolie and pitt will be very soon. It is known that to represent the interests of the actress in court will be the best crisis Manager of the United States Judy Smith. Read more HERE.