Oxana Fedorova came out with her husband for the first time in five years

Оксана Федорова вышла в свет с мужем впервые за пять лет

TV presenter and her husband were guests at a birthday Maxim Fadeev.

The first and last time the TV presenter and her husband Andrey Borodin was seen at a social event in 2011 at the opening ceremony of the Bolshoi theatre after reconstruction. Since then the pair shone at star parties almost five years.

What was the surprise of the audience when the couple arrived at the music producer Maxim Fadeev (6 may musician turned 48 years old. — Approx. The “antenna”), and even in almost identical outfits.

The invitation specified the dress code is casual, and we chose jeans, shirts, and jackets have turned out similar – explained Oksana “Antenna”. — We with Andrey regularly out into the light, but more often with friends, public events rarely visited together, my boyfriend does not favor them. Friends with Maxim a long time ago, I met him through Andrew. On the feast came not with empty hands. Since max was born in 1968, found for him a figurine of Kasli cast this year, and another Golden plaque, American musician Santana autographed.

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