Keith Harrington told how novels happen on the set

Кит Харриргтон рассказал, как случаются романы на съемках

The role of John snow spoke about the service novel.

Before the start of the sixth season of “Game of thrones” kit Harrington was attacked from all sides by questions about his character. Dead or alive Jon snow? Whether will be resurrected in the new series, his beloved wildling Ygritte? It true Keith and actress who played Ygritte, are Dating? Harrington was silent as a partisan. But after the premiere gave all!

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In an interview with the Italian magazine Vogue Keith said that he has a Scottish actress rose Leslie really happened office romance, and as suggested by the artist himself or simply could not be.

Shooting a scene where Jon snow was first captured by the wildlings, and then joined him were in Iceland, a stunningly beautiful country. The atmosphere and set up the actor in a romantic mood.

In an interview Keith said: “When you like someone, and then you play love with that person, then you’re really in love very easily”. What actually happened! Watching the Northern lights, experiencing the relationship of their characters, rose and kit became a couple in real life!

By the way, only now, after the premiere of the sixth season, Keith admitted that still gave the plot of the new series before their show…

The actor kept his mouth shut, even when the fate of Jon snow asked the relatives of the British Queen. But under the threat of a fine for speeding Keith told all as on spirit a simple COP.

This revelation Harrington shared on American talk show Jimmy Kimmel. The actor took the time to visit their parents, was speeding and he was stopped by police. The guard immediately recognized Jon snow and offered him two options: a penalty or information about the fate of Lord commander. Keith chose the latter and told the police officer that John is alive.

What can I say? The writers should seriously think about how to teach the actor to keep secrets.

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