Нелли Ермолаева мечтает родить двойню

The TV presenter admitted to journalists that is ready to become a mother.

Events in the life of Nelli Ermolaeva are developing rapidly. In June she married her lover Kirill Andreev, just a week ago returned from a honeymoon which they had in Bali, but today the TV presenter declared: it’s time to have children. And not one, but two!

“I understand I am unable to become a mother, – admitted to journalists or organisations. — Career and financial situation is, parents are healthy. And I realized that now I just do not have enough children. I recently became godmother of the daughter of a friend. When holding Dahulu, maternal instinct increased immensely. Of course mom I wouldn’t, but in the near future for sure. Parents want to see grandchildren and is constantly asking questions, when the heirs.

Not only the parents but also the husband of Nellie Kirill Andreev already rushing the girl. According to the presenter, the husband dreams of the son.

“Usually girls dream of daughters, but I so want a son. And Cyril, too. Actually, ideally, I’d like twins. Kiril found that he had, and in my family were born twins. We thought: maybe it’ll coincide and we will have twins? And if you are born a boy and a girl, that would be wonderful,” – said Nelly in an interview with StarHit.

Nelly claims that such plans, she began to build just after marriage. If he and Cyril went on to live in a civil marriage, she would not have dared to have a baby.

“Now we plan our lives in the future. If before, living in a civil marriage, we did not build such long-term plans, now we operate as a team. The Outlook is very different. Despite the fact that I am a strong man, but still now I feel a reliable shoulder, a support, and I have confidence in the future”, – the girl admitted in the same interview.

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