Кристен Стюарт собралась замуж за свою девушку

The actress is finally ripe for family life.

Wonder fans of the twilight Saga was hoping that Kristen is back together with a partner on the film by Robert Pattinson. The girl is not going to return to it, her heart’s taken.

Foreign journalists managed to find out that Kristen is engaged. One of the friends actress shared with the press the good news – the girl proposed to his girlfriend, film producer Alicia Kargil, and she said Yes! Now they are preparing for the wedding.

Kristen and Alicia began Dating in 2013, almost immediately after leaving Stewart with Robert Pattinson. More precisely, after breaking their engagement. Recall that met Kristen and Robert on the set of twilight in 2008 and remained unbroken until 2012. After a major quarrel, the lovers parted seemingly forever, but then changed his mind and announced the impending wedding. However, in 2013, the novel is still gone, and life, Kristen appeared in Alicia.

Then the actress said that she is not the first relationship with a girl, but to go into details she doesn’t want. Say, personal life and personal to remain such. What has the right!

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