Дженнифер Лопес и Каспер Смарт крепко поссорились

The relationship with the singer and her boyfriend made a crack.

47-year-old Jennifer and her young friend-dancer (Casper younger than her 18 years old) for the past five years have diverged and re-converged. This time they had a fight while vacationing in Las Vegas, and, according to witnesses, so that Casper did leave the hotel in which they lived together.

“Casper has long been felt that Jennifer does not invest much effort in their relationship and respects it as an equal partner, so in the end he decided to talk about it”, – told the publication In Touch, a friend of the dancer. The conversation went on the raised tones. “Happened in the end in a huge fight,” continues the source. Jennifer said she is doing everything right and she doesn’t like that Casper for no reason suddenly decided to attack.”

The lack of understanding by Jennifer Casper very upset, and finally he told her that they need each other to rest, and then ran out of the hotel.

The friends hope that they will be able to go through this, ” adds the source. Their relations were peaceful”.

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