Наташа Королева призналась, что ее раздражает в муже

As it turned out, if the couple fights, it was only because of life.

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko has been together for 13 years, but it seems that this pair met just yesterday. No kissing they are not even playing sports, and so numerous commercials, and then enters the network, do not give anyone reason to doubt that Natasha and Sergei passionately love each other.

But in a happy family there are quarrels. And they occur for the most banal reasons. Because of life.

“We’re older people together – from experience, Luggage. And, because it is not full of idiots, and have learned from past relationships. Of course, sometimes, something angry. When we lived together, Natalia sounded in my side rebuke: “You do around the house not doing much, all weights are busy!” I calmly explained to her: “Natasha, whether you like it or not, but it’s part of my image of the profession. As you need to maintain voice to study singing, and I have to work to be in shape“. And she took it,” Glushko said in an interview with Starhit.

Of course, they have moments are different. But Natasha says that in any unclear situation, it is best to take a short break.

“Things definitely are not collected. Happen, of course, overloads. But even the major scandals do not happen, we intuitively feel, when everyone needs to stay “in your house”. When you realize that sat side by side, began a routine, looking for adventure can dramatically break and go with friends to relax. Sergei remains on the farm. He likes to lie on the sofa watching TV… Or going along to clean the inside of a stream on the territory of monastery not far from Moscow. Sergei went to him with a guide. Doing washing and feel like updated,” continued the Queen.

While Glushko was sure that he was extremely lucky. And all because his wife is a wise woman.

“Natasha, as a smart woman understands that a man should not hear “no”. The reaction will be the opposite. Women’s wisdom consists not in domination, but in the fact that the partner has a feeling that he is taking this decision”, – told Sergey.

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