Пловца, обогнавшего непобедимого Фелпса, атакуют бывшие

21-year-old Joseph Schooling after the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro woke up famous.

Not only a good single or Oscar-winning role is to glorify man in the whole world. Joseph Schooling from Singapore pulled out his lucky ticket in Rio. The guy not only won the first gold medal of its country, but still ahead of “invincible”, the most titled Olympic champion Michael Phelps to swim the 100 meter butterfly!

After this not to Wake up the world is simply impossible. So what happened to Joseph. Instantly tightened fan. Some Sabrina from the States, recently failed an athlete on the Dating site Tinder, now biting his elbows and asks her to track down. This girl did not hesitate to spread the network of their correspondence.

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A passing acquaintance in the network 20-year-old Sabrina Salazar now believes perhaps the most important achievement in my life.

“My date on Tinder just won swim 100 meters Michael Phelps. This is my greatest achievement,” she wrote, posting a snippet of their chat.

But, Sabrina, before I had to think! Now fans of a swimmer rife. And he gave heart to the girl, who estimated it for the record. Swimmer meets with the student Casey Shomaker. Young people studying in the same University, where he met.

By the way, the guy has succeeded not only in matters of the heart. It is known that in the 16 years old swimmer became the champion of South-East Asia, and 19 – the silver medalist of the Commonwealth Games and won the Asian games. And ironically, my entire life, his idol was Michael Phelps.

Moreover, all these years, the young athlete kept a joint card with Michael Phelps. In 2008, when Joseph was 13, Michael went to Singapore to train before the Olympic games in Beijing. And as fate would have trained in the same pool as Joseph…

Soon after, Joseph moved to Florida. The move was needed to extend his career. But the dream to catch up with Phelps left. Well, the plan met and exceeded!

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