Miguel might be the new “bachelor” on TNT

Мигель может стать новым «холостяком» на ТНТ

A few hours ago in one of the fan clubs of the show “the Dance” there is information that the mentor Miguel could be the next hero of the project “the Bachelor.”

Information has not yet been officially confirmed nor TNT, nor by the choreographer. Maybe the fans 34-year-old Sergei Shestiperova, so really the name of the dancer, wishful thinking. Although this version may well be true.

We will remind, this morning in one of the fan clubs of the show “Dancing” came the news that choreographer and Director Miguel could become the next eligible bachelor in the country. Whether group administrators to know more than everyone else, we will know very soon, because the fifth season of “the Bachelor” kicks off in the spring.

The fourth season of “the Bachelor” ended in June of this year. The finale of the show surprised many viewers: 28-summer Alexey Vorobev did not pick one of the contestants was left in splendid isolation.

“If the audience had the opportunity to see and hear it with me, no one would have been any issues. So, believe me, making a choice and deciding what will be my life on, I was 100% sure that we have, unfortunately, just has no future with any of the girls,” admitted Alex to Woman’s Day after the show.