6 years of happiness: Podolsky about the secrets of a strong marriage

6 лет счастья: Подольская о секретах крепкого брака

The singer became a guest of the show “OK!”, where live answered questions from users of social network “Odnoklassniki”.

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov were married tin years ago and last year in her wedding day, June 5, are the parents of Artemis charming. To observe the life and teamwork of the pair – a pleasure. They are harmonious and in life and in art. Naturally, fans wondered: what’s the secret to their strong marriage? Two independent stars are both busy career, but found time for romance and look at each other like only the first month of Dating.

It turned out that simple. The main secret couple – love.

“First, we are very lucky to have each other to meet and genuinely love how it does not sound trite. But in relationships sometimes it happens that one loves and the other allows himself to love, in our case it is not, we are absolutely equal. I believe that in relationships when there are conflicts before they explode and go to some awful things and hurtful words, you should always put yourself in the place of the husband or the husband to place his wife and to try to see the situation the opposite eyes. It really helps me, it helps to understand each other. As for me, I’m in a constant internal dialogue. Although when we met I was quite a young girl, I am not ashamed of my age, and then I realized that there is nothing more important than family. My mood and my life depends on, is all well with my family” – said Natasha.

And if the lovers are still arguing, I try not to pull and immediately reconciled. According to the singer, she’s in such situations, loses herself, her whole world is becoming not nice, and her husband feels the same way.

And, of course, the fans could not ask Natasha about her son. Who he will be, whether the heir to the stars is a craving for music?

“I don’t know whether to impart to the music. It’s either this, or you want to do, or not forced it’s just impossible to do. Here, for example, it shows how the Topic is music. Only when he hears music he starts to dance to all parts of the body. To be honest, I really wanted the Theme was a musician, an upscale, very successful. I hope he will have some unique tone of voice that just will not leave anyone indifferent”, – said Natalia.