Buzova admitted that he turned away from her friends

Бузова призналась, что от нее отвернулись друзья

In the difficult stars of the period, many relatives refused her support.

While Olga’s husband Dmitry Tarasov puts the social network cheerful pictures of me training, birthday godson, Olga does not hide feelings and shares his experiences.

For more than a month host and her husband does not comment on what happened between them. Meanwhile, the rumors about the divorce only grows stronger. No joint photographs of the couple, Olga writes sad poems, Tarasov goes on family holidays without her.

Recently, the star made a confession: she is now really difficult, she suffers from insomnia and, unfortunately, not all loved ones were included in its position, many have turned away from it.

“I can not sleep. Like we always do lately. Long searched for a photo that I want to dedicate you, but still the main thing- the content, not the picture. There was a revaluation of values. You today became 7 million. And I want to say a huge thank you. Thanks for the honesty, for not “getting under the skin”, for your kind words, for your support and love that gives me strength to go on. Many of you strangers to me subscribers, has treated me with more kindness than some of my surroundings… so many people have turned away from me, but at the same time I found those, which have to date failed. Life will put everything in its place. And now I just want to say thank you for being with me,” wrote Olga in social networks.

This post is more than 7 thousand people responded with words of support.

“I am amazed at how strong you have to be experiencing personal drama, keep face in public, here at home and friends hard, and shooting projects, just on pause will not put… Bravo!” – admired Buzova subscribers.

Self-control the stars and really can only envy. Olga continues to appear in public and always in a good mood, relieves, sings, produces new dresses. And if not for the lack of a wedding ring, few would have believed in the truthfulness of the rumors about the divorce.