Maybe not divorce? Jolie and pitt decided to have dinner together

Может, не разведутся? Джоли и Питт решили поужинать вместе

To gather for thanksgiving are in quarrel of the spouses asked their daughter Shiloh.

To date, the behavior of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt reminded of a scene from the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” which, in fact, their romance began. Remember how in the middle of painting both tried to kill each other? In life the couple are now the same war, only verbal. And there awaits them a serious fight in court for custody of the children, because brad refused to go on about a once-beloved wife.

But in war, too, must be unrelenting. A little to slow down the pace of Jolie and pitt asked… their 10-year-old daughter Shiloh. It seems that children, because of which so fight star parents, are tired of this and want everything to be as before. The girl sent an emotional letter to mom and dad an email asking to be kinder to each other and to celebrate thanksgiving together.

Of course, Jolie’s heart melted, and she personally called the former wife and invited to a gala dinner. We already know that pitt happily agreed, gently adding that “this is correct, but a temporary solution”.

“Brad and Angie are planning to make a temporary truce and work together to celebrate thanksgiving, – quotes the insider, OK! magazine — This begged their daughter Shiloh. A few weeks later she asked parents to be more kind to each other. Shiloh sent both letters asked me to spend thanksgiving all together. She said all the kids want it. Angelina could not resist and she called brad. Took a completely unexpected conversation.”

So maybe it’s a second chance for this couple? And the outcome of their argument, I repeat the ending of the same film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, when after a heated argument, if it is possible to call softly, both spouses love each other even stronger? Yes, everybody would be happy!