Mick Jagger left his pregnant girlfriend for the Russian model

Мик Джаггер оставил беременную подругу ради русской модели

73-year-old leader of the band leader of the Rolling Stones was fascinated by the beauty of Taganrog.

No wonder they say that Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world! And model from the Rostov region Maria Rudenko is once again proved. Beauty 31-year-old blonde struck into the famous rocker. As the publication of the Sun, for her sake even Mick Jagger left his pregnant girlfriend Melanie Hamrick. And it was, wait a minute, on the ninth month of pregnancy…

New passion star Maria Rudenko, though born in Taganrog, a native of the city. For more than seven years she lives in Los Angeles and maintains an active social life. At a party, Mary became acquainted with the legendary “rolling”.

They say that Maria has eyes for Jagger last year. However, then world famous drew her attention, as was an enthusiastic affair with Melanie Hamrick. But this year fortune smiled Rudenko.

Jagger’s girlfriend got pregnant. And he was not happy! The father of seven children repeatedly stated that the heirs no longer want. But to refuse help was gone. Artist Melanie bought a luxurious mansion in new York, and he flew away on tour… And, as expected, had a ball.

Environment Mika knew about his relationship with Rudenko, but the rumors were not leaked to the press. Up until a week ago at a Rolling Stones concert Masha took a picture of Jagger on stage and not published a picture in Instagram, with the caption: “Mr. Mick Jagger! It’s only rock n roll but I love it!”

What one of her friends Rudenko wrote in the comments to the picture in Russian: “baby, you’re with your boyfriend.”

A source close to Jagger also confirmed to The Sun: “Mick and Mary are very close, but now he is very busy with the tour.”

About Maria Rudenko is little known. She is in demand as a model in the United States and Europe. Actively removed for gloss and, if you believe the Western media, frequently changes Boyfriends.

In an interview, the girl admitted that he sees himself as the mother and wife of 40 years, and yet enjoys life.

What to Mick Jagger, in 1999, rocker divorced with model Jerry Hall, who bore him four children. Since then, the “rolling” prefer not to tie the knot, did not prevent him spin numerous novels.

Mister @mickjagger It’s only #rockandroll but I like it ! Yes I do :))) #Oldchella #rollingstones #mickjagger

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