Pregnant or recovered? Hides his belly under sweaters

Беременна или поправилась? Бузова скрывает живот под свитерами

In the network appeared the information that the midfielder of “Locomotive” and the leading “House-2” expected completion.

The news fans of the star couple waited more than a year. Of course! Leading “House-2” Olga Buzova and midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov for more than four years of marriage, and children are not. But, it seems, very soon, the glamorous blonde will be something to please his fans. Fans teledive sure Olga Buzova pregnant!

Suspicions of the army of fans of the star couple is not accidental. The fact that the last time host of the popular project made a remarkable recovery visible to the naked eye. And yet almost all the recent photos in Instagram Olga Buzova poses for the camera exceptionally spacious sweaters or oversized jackets that hide the belly.

By the way, the speculation of fans about pregnancy reinforces Buzova and her recent interview with Woman’s day, which, recall, is leading admitted that are ready to be a mother.

“In five years, the relationships we were able to fully enjoy each other and realize that I made the right choice. Believe me, this approach is much better than to quickly get married, just to have a baby, disappointed in the man, divorce her, find another and repeat the process. In such situations, the children suffer. I’ve always wanted to live life with one man. Now Dima came to the conclusion that we can give our love to someone else”, – told Olga (read more HERE).

Olga Buzova, recall, became famous throughout the country when he came as a participant of the TV project “Dom-2”. There she met her future boyfriend, now showman Roman Tretyakov. Relations pair lasted three years. In 2006, the novel said that he was tired of “aquatic life” and left the perimeter of the show. Olga remained on the project and spent some time trying to build relationships with other participants.

In 2011, Olga Buzova became acquainted with the football player of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov, who at the time of their meeting was married. Some time later, the athlete announced his divorce. The lovers began to meet, not hiding from the press and prying eyes.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov formalized their relations on 26 June 2012. Registration was held in the Griboedov registry office. In order to celebrate a wedding with 70 guests, the lovers took ship (read more HERE).

Since then, the couple separated only when necessary. Dmitry continues to evolve in the sport, Olga acting in movies, runs his own clothing brand and even writes books.

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By the way…

“The price of happiness”: a quote from the book of Olga Buzova

About how I had to go through the lady to achieve all that he has Olga Buzova told in his book “the Price of happiness”, which was published in the summer of 2016. Here are some quotes from the book…

About The “House-2”

“I have wept in the night, but every day got up and went to where I hated every second, – says Olga Buzova in his book. — Smiled at them and held on for dear life. I said to myself: “I was able to win the love and confidence of millions, so you will be able to earn the respect of the 15 participants of the project”.

About the pain

“I was cowardly disgrace to the whole country for the sake of a cleverly twisted plot and ratings. I didn’t understand how Andrew could agree to participate in this and did not warn me. After three months of hard training, pain, nerves, and corns into the blood to be the finals unspeakable shame…”

About the family

“A month later I found out that Dima is married and has a child. I was jarred because I’m idealistic and always wanted to marry once and for life…” (read more HERE).