Sexologists: women-shopaholics more passionate in bed

Сексологи: женщины-шопоголики более страстные в постели

The researchers conducted a survey among residents of large Russian cities on the relationship of shopping and sexuality.

As it turned out, nearly half of women suffer shopogolizm (45%), which, in fact, is not surprising. We all like to indulge. More interesting. In the survey, the 45% of the respondents replied that their men are too happy to go shopping with them. And this fact is very interesting.

It turns out that the love the stronger sex towards shopping depends on the sexual relationship between the partners, say the sexologists. In pairs with regular and rich sex life, where sex happens more often than five times per week, 56% of men not against a meal as the sole and support of its second half. In families of the same sex less than once a month, these responsive men only 18%.

“The fact that a sexually satisfied man is much more favorable attitude towards the idea of shopping together, legkomyslii – says Ekaterina Lyubimova, a leading sex coach and head coach of the international network “Training center SEX. Of the Russian Federation“. — First, if the primary need for men in sex fully satisfied, he is happy, relaxed and genuinely gets pleasure from other activities. Rather than frantically thinking about how to exchange a couple of hours at the dressing room sex. Secondly, the man who regularly has sex with a partner is much stronger tied to it emotionally, and the desire to please her and spend time together.”

Among women shoppers, too, is dominated by persons with a high libido. 57% of respondents who have sex more often than five times a week are just as passionate shoppers. While new clothes are absolutely not forced out of a female head thinking about sex. Only 18% of women dream about good shopping, and the other 54% prefer fantasies about sex.