Замуж невтерперж? Бородина примеряет свадебное платье

But marriage to businessman Kurban Omarov has not yet terminated!

TV presenter Ksenia Borodina is now experiencing not the best period in your personal life. She recently broke up with her husband, businessman Eid Omarova, and the cause of adultery. In such a situation a woman would not want to put on a dress in which she married…

But she nevertheless did it. However, not just like that, and for the music video for the song Kravtsov feat. Tony Tonite “I would like to know.”

Borodin posted in “Instagram” video from the shooting, which famously danced in a wedding dress with other brides. Attentive subscribers immediately noticed that this is the dress in which she married Kurban! But at the same time was glad that over the past year, the presenter lost weight and now is dress her large…

However, at the same time, many fans of the TV presenter has condemned her act and agreed that thus she expressed disdain for her own wedding and her ex-husband.

Recall that Ksenia and Eid were married in the summer of 2015, and in December they had a daughter Theon. About the disorder in the star’s family became known a few months ago, however, fans Borodina stubbornly refuse to believe that a couple friends called perfect broke up. After news of the impending divorce Xenia seen in the company of the first and the last time and even there are rumors that they are again living together. So, maybe wedding outfit Borodin wore as a sign of reconciliation?

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