По расписанию: ученые назвали лучший день для любви

And it’s not the weekend!

As it turned out, for the perfect romantic mood is important, not candles, rose petals Yes, nice music. And only some well-chosen day of the week. And British scientists have already identified it!..

Attention! Drum roll! According to British researchers, the most successful day for carnal pleasures are now going to think… Thursday! And you know, it does make sense. After all, the day before Friday most of the scheduled cases have been completed, and thoughts filled with plans for the upcoming weekend.

But other days of the week at least some minus are. So, on Monday my mind is focused on planning, Tuesday and Wednesday loaded with work, but what to Friday, usually, on this day couples are packing their bags and traveling out of the city.

In favor of Thursday says the fact that in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, people are able to efficiently sleep. So, on Thursday I feel quite cheerfully.

“Well, what about the weekend?” – you will ask. On Saturday and Sunday, as the study showed, reduced any human activity, including sex.

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